Museum Management

The museum is staffed by Army Reserve personnel and a dedicated band of volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to maintain the collection.  The Museum is always on the lookout for new members, so they are inviting anyone with an interest to come to the Barracks.  The Museum is supported through the Australian Army History Unit in the Department of Defence and by the Military Heritage Foundation of Tasmania, a non-profit organisation that undertake fundraising for the Museum.

The Military Heritage Foundation of Tasmania

In 2009 the Australian Defense Department established the

Military Heritage Foundation of Tasmania. (MMFT) This was established as a limited liability company and constituted as a charitable not for profit organisation. According to the Foundation’s constiution:

The only objects for which the Company is established are the charitable objects of providing money property and other benefits to the Museum in the manner set out below and in such other manner as may be requested by the Museum and agreed to by the Company.