The Great War in Broad Outlines

Belgian WW1 Exhibition

A history of the First World War

The Great War in Broad Outlines retraces the history of the First World War over 30 illustrated panels, detailing decisive moments and important battles. It tells the story on international, Belgian and local level and covers the main themes, the major battlefields and the key moments of the conflict, while also shedding light on a number of a lesser known episodes.

Tasmania with the strong engagement of the 40th battalion on the Western Front has exceptionally strong ties to Belgium. The 40th Battalion was the only battalion to be recruited solely from Tasmania. It served in the trenches along the Western Front in Belgium and France and had the distinction of having two of its members awarded the Victoria Cross.

The exhibition looks at the experience and memory of the Anzacs fighting in Belgium, especially the 40th Battalion which formed part of the 3rd Australian Infantry Division.

The exhibition is a Belgian Department of Foreign Affairs exhibition generously supported by the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs, Tasmania’s Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Army Museum Tasmania.

Tasmania is one of the last stops of 12 locations this exhibition is visiting.
Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

9am – 1pm,
Tuesday – Sunday
6 – 23 June, 2017

Centenary of ANZAC – commemorating 100 years of service and sacrifice by Australian service men and women in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations since World War One.