The Barracks

Anglesea Barracks

is 10 minutes walk from the Visitor Information Centre in Davey Street. The Main Entrance is easily located as it is situated between the two large cannons on the Davey Street frontage.

The Department of Defence has been a caring owner of this Commonwealth Heritage listed precinct. Hidden behind the gates is the Parade Ground surrounded by 15 sites/buildings of great heritage merit. Also in the grounds is an impressive collection of historic ordinance dated 1840 – 1970.

  1. The Guard House 1840
  2. The Military Hospital 1816-1818
  3. The Two-Storey Soldiers’ Barracks 1847-1848
  4. Old Soldiers’  1814 Barracks
  5. The New Soldiers’ Barracks 1827
  6. The Tap Room 1835
  7. The Fives Court 1835
  8. The Drill Hall 1912
  9. The Field Officers’ Quaters 1814
  10. Parade Ground
  11. Transit of Venus Instrument Pillar
  12. The 99th Regiment Memorial 1850
  13. Linden Avenue 1860
  14. The Subalterns/Officers Quarters 1827 – 1842
  15. The Military Gaol 1847


The buildings internally have a variety uses but externally most have been restored to create what is regarded as one of Australia’s most important historical precincts, a place where you can step back in time.